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Command your army to victory in Tiny Attack, the addictive turn-based strategy game that you can play for free in your web browser!

In Tiny Attack you build armies, engage in battles, and aim to conquer your opponents on the battlefield. With its intuitive gameplay mechanics, Tiny Attack is the perfect game for strategy enthusiasts and casual gamers.



Capture all bases and destroy all enemy units.

During your turn

  • Build - To build units, click/tap on a blue base. You'll earn coins each round for each base you control.
  • Move - To move units, click/tap on a blue unit, then click on an available space. The distance a unit can move on the battlefield depends on the type of terrain and the unit itself.
  • Attack - Each unit causes different damage based on type and terrain. Bonus damage is dealt when multiple units attack the same enemy.
  • Capture - Soldiers can capture bases by moving to them and clicking/tapping to begin capturing. If your unit survives until your next turn, the base is yours! You can build units and earn coins for your new base.

Once you are done commanding your army click the "End Turn" button. Your opponent will then take their turn.


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Players: 1,086
Achievements Unlocked: 7,068
Games Played: 22,085
Turns Played: 1,143,648
Units Built: 3,048,525
Units Killed: 2,077,141
Number of Attacks: 29,113,382
Coins Spent: 824,042,400