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Tiny Attack is a free-to-play, turn-based strategy game that can be played in any web browser, inspired by games like Advance Wars and Weewar.

If you are looking for a bite sized war game that allows you to play turns throughout the day or the week, we think you will love Tiny Attack. Our top priorities developing this game were to make it free to play (no ads, and no pay-to-win mechanics), make it easy to start a game with anyone or the computer AI, play at your own pace, and require no app or software to download.



Capture all bases and destroy all enemy units.

During your turn

  • Build - Click or tap on a blue base and build a unit. You'll earn coins each round and for each base you control.
  • Move - Units can move 1-6 spaces based on the terrain and type of unit. Most units can move then attack, some move or attack.
  • Attack - Each unit can cause different amounts of damage depending on the unit type and the terrain it is on. Bonus damage is inflicted if multiple units attack the same enemy.
  • Capture - Soldiers can capture bases. Move one of these units to a base and click/tap once to begin capturing. If your unit survives until your next turn the base is yours! You can start building units and earning coins for your new base.

Once you are done commanding your army click/tap the End Turn button. Your opponent will then take their turn.


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Players: 464
Achievements Unlocked: 2,417
Games Played: 7,864
Turns Played: 399,730
Units Built: 900,685
Units Killed: 641,368
Number of Attacks: 8,431,934
Coins Spent: 219,463,350